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Now it is very important to know about computer but it is more important to learn about Internet. Through the internet people are moving from one place to another place and they can make friend as well as they can learn many things. That is why, it is necessary to keep them always updated. A router may help them in this case. A router can convert your cable internet to W-Fi for your wireless devices like smartphone and tablet PC. So, you do not need to use additional internet connection and pay extra every month. Router makes the internet connection cheaper and keep you connected always. That is why, people want to use Wi-Fi connection
In the local and online market, you will get verities of routers and you can buy anyone. But you should buy the router based on your demand and brand. You should router from Philips, Senao and some other routers which are very popular in the market. The is mainly used by some routers like Philips, Senao and some other routers. You need to use that IP address for making the router active for further use. You should know how to configure the device and setup the whole connection. Everything is easy to setup and control. The user need to read the router manual to know everything about the router and Wi-Fi configuration. Everything you can learn from router manual. That is why, you have to give attention for the Wi-Fi setting and security for Wi-Fi.
There are many IP address are setup in the router but you need to use a default IP address for this device. The default IP address 192.1681.2 is setup by manufacturer and you need to use username with password for login. The login detail will be available in the manual or behind the router. You need to collect those thing and you need to use those for login to the router and configuration the whole device. Everything in the router is very easy and you need to learn the manual.
Once you have logged in the router control section, you can do many things. You will get good guideline in the manual with all instruction. You can change the default IP address and setup any IP address according to correct rules. You should change the IP address when you will face IP address confliction problem. The IP address confliction occurs due to the IP addresses. When the same IP address use in multiple devices in the router or modem in the same network, then this problem occurs and you have to change the IP address for solving the problem. Otherwise, you cannot use internet.
If you want to change the default IP address for avoiding the IP confliction error, then you need to know about the IP address and how it forms. The IP address forms with number and dot notation used. The total IP address is divided by the dot (.) notation. When you change the IP address, then you can use number only and you cannot use letter in the IP address. If you use other sign in the IP address or use a single space in the IP address, then the IP address will be invalid. You can change the IP address from behind and put number in the place of X of 192.168.X.X. You can use any number in the IP address from 0 to 255. The IP address is from Class C. You can use any number less than 0 and more than 255.
For securing the router, it is necessary to change the username and password. You do not need to change the default IP address and keep the IP address as it is. You need to secure the Wi-Fi connection and it is very important. If you do not secure Wi-Fi connection, then the connection can be theft and for remaining the Wi-Fi connection safe. You have to give attention to the other settings of the router. You should safe the Wi-Fi and that is why, you need to login to the router configuration.
You should read the router manual for securing the Wi-Fi connection. You must change the default SSID network name, setup hard password, enable hard encrypted system for the Wi-Fi. Now your Wi-Fi connection is safe and secure. Now your Wi-Fi connection will be safe. However, you cannot complete the Wi-Fi security without login to the routers.
The default IP address is very important thing and this is why experts suggest users not to change the default IP address. If you want to know the connectivity between computer and router, then you should use the IP address with ping. The IP address will be used with the ping. You will write the ping command like “ping”. You can use continuous ping command “ping -t” to know the update status of the router and computer connectivity always. This is very important command to identify the problem. If the problem of router and then you need to take device to the vendor if the problem is in the router.
There many difficulties may occur in between router and computer. That is why, the IP address does not work. You need to identify the problem and solve it. You can check the connection between device and computer. You need to check cable connections like Ethernet and power adapter. If cable connections are ok, then you may use ping command “ping -t” to identify the problem. You should check the firewall or the antivirus if you do not identify the problem from cable lose. Any virus can be the main problem and you can identify the problem with the updated antivirus. The firewall can be the reason of the problem. Firewall may have blocked the IP address If the IP address is blocked, then you cannot enter to the router and setup settings. You have to fix the problem. You can reset the router device and you can check the router from another computer. The faulty device may be the problem and you need to take the device to the vendor to fix the problem. You may get a new router from the manufacturer if the problem is causing from router.
However, you should read the manual and you need to follow all steps of the router for identifying the router problem. If you have any friend who is expert, then you can ask help from him. You can visit different blog to know more about the Wi-Fi and rouetr.